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What Is Accepted:
> Stories where a canon character discovers they are a seer
> Stories Where canon character hides being a seer becaue of fear
> Stories where canon characters pretend to be seer

What Is Not Accepted:
> Stories where being a see is not important or just mentioned in passing
> Stories where Trelawney is the only seer mentioned
> Badly written stories

If you would like to rec a story please either e-mail me or post to my livejournal. In those post/e-mails please give a summary, pairings, rating, and whether it's a (WIP, Complete, on Hiatus, Abandoned, or a One-Shot). Also I would like to know who the seer is and whether they are real or not.

Before I update the site I will post the updates on my Livejournal. You can add me to your friends if you like.

** I really like it
* It's ok
NR Didn't read it
New Just added

True Seers

A World of Difference by NeoRyu777 NR
Harry Potter at the age of 5 runs away from Privet Drive, and in a fit of accidental magic ends up in a different dimension. Returning home, what's he gonna do? Manipulative Dumbledore, Slytherin Harry. Rated M to be safe. Crossover with FFVIII.
Complete. R Seer Harry

A Year Like None Other by Aspen (Here) **
A letter from home? A letter from family? Well, Harry Potter knows he has neither, but all the same, it starts with a letter from Surrey. A letter that sends Harry down a path he'd never have walked on his own. It will be a year of big changes, a year of great pain, and a year of confronting worst fears. It will be a year of surprising discoveries, of finding true strength, of finding out that first impressions of a person's true colours do not always ring true. It will be a year of paradigm shifts. And from the most unexpected sources, Harry will have a chance to have that which he has never known: a home ... and a family. (A Snape adopts Harry fic.) Gen.
Complete. PG-13 Harry is a Seer
A Summer Like None Other

Amicus Draconis by Yamato NR
The Death Eaters conquered Hogwarts and overthrew the Ministry of Magic. Forming a new government, a dictatorship with Voldemort as the supreme ruler, they take control of the wizarding world, spreading terror everywhere. Harry and the other Hogwarts students (except for the Slytherins who apparently support the new regime) are forced into hiding. Far from giving up hope, they form their own secret rebellion. PG-13 RW/HG, SS/LM, HP/? WIP Narcissa is a Seer

Averto Vicis by Lady Smoothie *
When Hermione dies in battle moments after her powers are awakened, Dumbledore utilizes a centuries old spell to send Harry back in time to his six year old self. HP/HG
WIP. PG-13 Seer Hermione

Beyond Boundaries by Rachel A. Prongs
Harry has kept a secret his entire life. After Voldemort’s rebirth he was framed for something he didn’t do. Sentenced to Azkaban he escaped shortly after his trial, and never entered the dreaded fortress. For two years, he hid. Where is he? Who is he? Harry returns, and finds that Voldemort has an unpleasant surprise for him. To survive, he must retell his past, come to terms with the present, and accept his future. HP/HG
Complete. G Harry is a Seer

Broken Beyond Healing by Lady Russell Holmes NR
As a phoenix rises, born from death, so shall he. Killed four times over in the space of a circle, By family, life, friends, and foe. (Rated for violence, gore, child abuse, and language.) Alternate Book 5.
Complete. R Seer Harry

Calcination by LaeVus NR
AU, Calcination...The process of disintegrating a substance by the expulsion of some volatile matter. Harry's whole life as been volatile thus far. Why should anything change for his first year at Hogwarts?
WIP. PG-13 Seer Harry

Circles of Power by Mad Martha **
As trainee Aurors, Harry and Ron face unexpected challenges. HP/RW
Complete. PG-13 Ron is a Seer

Crumbling Pedestal by ShivaniBlue **
When Voldemort tries to force Harry to duel in the graveyard at the conclusion of the Triwizard Tournament, things take an entirely different direction as Fate steps in to meddle. HP/SS
Complete. PG-13 Harry is a Seer

Curse of Fate by Mistress Nika **
Immortal Harry, after watching friends and family die over thousands of years, only wants to join his loved ones in death. Believing he's found a way, he sends himself back into the body of his infant self, vowing to change his fate. HP/LM, HP/SS
WIP. R Lucius is a recessive seer

Destiny’s Ghost by Jade L. M. Skywalker NR
What would've happened to the world as we know it if Harry Potter wasn't the one chosen that Halloween night so long ago. What if it had been Neville Longbottom's destiny, and what if things didn't turn out the same, if something different occurred that night? Join Harry Potter and Gang to see just what did occur, and how even though it's not their real world, they are just as destined to save this other world.
WIP. PG-13 Seer Harry

Different Worlds by Professor McKitten **
Draco is sent to Durmstrang for the first five years of his schooling. How ever does he and Harry end up together? HP/DM
Complete. NC-17 Draco is a Seer

Fire and Ice by Cyropi NR
Hermione and Draco. Gryffindor and Slytherin. Muggleborn and Pureblood. Warm-hearted and frozen soul. Forced to work together, she shatters his beliefs with one well-placed question. And then the fun begins…DM/HG
Complete. G. Draco is a Seer

Greatest of the Hogwarts Four by Roxanne Palmer NR
This is the backstory behind the Founders of Hogwarts. As it turns out, Salazar Slytherin is an ex-clergyman with intimacy issues, which are not helped by the fact that the voluptuous Seer, Rowena Ravenclaw, keeps tempting him. The old 1-dimensional portrayals seem to be inaccurate, as perhaps Slytherin was not the most cunning, nor was Gryffindor always brave and courageous. Prophecies, demons, magical politics, and a war that must be averted at all costs. Abandoned. PG-13 Rowena Ravenclaw is a Seer

Harry begins his sixth year at Hogwarts and many things happen: he keeps getting horrible nightmares, he fights with Ron, he starts feeling something deep for Hermione, he discovers an incredible truth about himself and he meets his mortal enemy, Lord Voldemort. Will he be able to finally defeat him and save his friends? Will he be able to open his heart to Hermione? HP/HG
Complete. PG-13 Harry is a Seer

Inner Eye Blind by Limonade NR
After falling off his broomstick, Harry goes blind, but gains the gift of sight in return. Professor Trelawney couldn’t predict this. HP/LL.
WIP. PG-13 Seer Harry

Just Plain Harry by Mistral NR
In Harry's fifth year, he must learn to let people in. HP/GW
Complete. R Ginny is a Seer

Missing Piece by Pokari (Here) NR
Heidy Potter (my Harry's girl version) is a (greatest) seer, Sirius Black is innocent, and Draco Malfoy IS a Malfoy. HP/DM, SS/SB, HG/RW
WIP. R Harry is a Seer

Point Of No Return by Night Zephyr NR
Almost sixteen, Ron discovers there really is something very special about him, and he just might need it to save them all. RW/HG
Complete. PG-13 Ron is a Seer

Seeing Things to Come by Rose Angel
Six year old Harry Potter thought he was a normal boy, until an accident changes his life and thrusts him into a new world.
Abandoned? PG-13. Harry is a Seer

Sleeping Somewhere Cold by Dark Cyan Star **
Lucius has twin boys. Voldemort is asking for his servants first born child. Thinking it’s an honor; Lucius gives Voldemort the healthy child, Draco, who happens to be the younger twin. Harry grows up the black sheep of the Malfoy family and befriends mudbloods and the boy-who-lived, Neville. Eventually, he ends up being disowned from the Malfoy family. Things spiral out of control when Voldemort finds out Harry is the first born. He’ll stop at nothing to get Harry on his side. The ritual Voldemort wants to use will not work without Harry. For the Dark Lord wants to eat off the children’s magic once they are of age. LV/HP
WIP. PG-13 Seer Harry

Tissues of Silver by Fearless Diva NR
Draco is a Seer and his visions lead the Ministry to believe that his life is in danger. Harry Potter, Auror, accepts the challenge of dealing with Malfoy. Featuring very Slytherin-esque letters between Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. AU, Post-War. HP/DM
Complete. R Seer Draco

The Book of Morgan Le Fey by lavenderbrown NR
A sixth year fic told from Ron's perspective. The Trio return to Hogwarts to learn that Voldemort is hatching an evil plan to kill Muggles. Not only must they try and stop him, Ron must deal with his feelings for Hermione. RW/HG
Complete. R Ron is a Seer

The Last Time by Calliope
When Harry wants to stop the pain he suffers from re-occurring dreams about the death of his parents, it is only the bond he shares with Ron and Hermione that saves his life. The bond proves to be the only thing that saves them all as they face the unimaginable? HP/HG/RW
Complete. PG-13 Ron is a Seer
Sequel: Full Circle

The Prophecy of Absconditus by Page of Cups NR
Absconditus collapsed in 372 A.D. History passed into legend except for the visions that haunt Ron Weasley’s dreams._ The past has a strange way of repeating itself. RW/DM, HP/BZ
Complete. R Ron is a Seer

Tissue of Silver by Fearless Diva NR
A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf. Rated: R for coarse language, brief drug use, some sexual content, and consideration of issues of sexual HP/DM
Complete. R Draco is a Seer

False Seers

Harry has a visitor when he gets out of the shower who sends him back in time to his third year! He's 13 again, Can he change the future, save three lives, and defeat Voldemort, all while staying under the ruse as seer? Will he have to?
WIP. G Harry pretends to be a Seer

The war against Riddle has finally ended, and Harry has lost all of those that are most important to him. Fate has a little surprise in store for Harry Potter though, and it plans on helping him along the way.
WIP. R Harry pretends to be a Seer

The Seer by Rasberry Jo NR
Waking up one morning Harry discovers that fate does favour him after all. He actually has the chance to do everything all over again. HP/GW
WIP. PG-13 Harry pretends to be a Seer

What is Right by Emma Lipardi **
Harry finds himself making a decision to give it all up just to change what has happened. What he doesn't realize is that he gets a second chance to set it right.
WIP. PG-13 Harry pretends to be a Seer


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