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What Is Accepted:
>Stories where Harry is not 100% light and definitely not on Voldermort's side
>Stories where Harry kills Deatheaters
>Stories where he uses dark and light spells
>Stories where Harry's relationship with Dumbledore is strained or Harry asks Dumbledore for help

What Is Not Accepted:
>Stories where Harry is evil
>Stories where Harry kills innocent's
>Badly written stories

If you would like to rec a story please either e-mail me or post to my livejournal. In those post/e-mails please give a summary, pairings, rating, and whether it's a (WIP, Complete, on Hiatus, Abandoned, or a One-Shot).

Before I update the site I will post the updates on my Livejournal. You can add me to your friends if you like.

** I really like it
* It's ok
NR Didn't read it
New Just added

Amulet of Time by Luna the Moonmonster  NR

  1. Amulet Of Time 1: The Age of The Founders: After Harry gets a strange birthday gift he and his friends end up in the time of the Hogwarts founders. Complete
  2. Amulet Of Time 2: Two Worlds, Two Wars: This time, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny are sent to wartorn Europe, 1943. Complete
  3. Amulter of Time 3: The Wolf And The Pelican: What happens when the four time travellers end up in 1975? What will Harry's parents think of him being in Slytherin? Complete
  4. Amulet Of Time 4: There And Back Again: The time travellers are finally back home, older, wiser, and strong enough to bring down the Dark Lord. A few surprises face them as they enter their final year in Hogwarts. Complete
  5. Amulet Of Time 5: Sirius And The Sphinx: After the defeat of Voldemort, Harry accompanies his son into the past once more, where Sirius finds himself as a power hungry pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. WIP

After the Events of his fifth year Harry is angry. Fed up with Dumbledore's lies, half truth and deceits, he will no longer allow anyone to dictate his life. He trains very hard and along the way makes some startling discoveries. He discovers who he is. HP/OFC

A Second Chance at Life by Miranda Flairgold *
Harry runs when assassins come after him. Not yet able to fight Voldemort he finds a place to learn before he begins to act. Bloodmagic, Wandlessmagic, fae, vampires. A new school that will give him the strength & allies to win a war, very unique.
Complete. R
Sequel: Changes in a Time of War

Black Ascension by Omni Black **
Harry decides that he wants to be in control and away from Dumbledore's Manipulations. Appearences and perceptions are changing, true faces are shown, secrets revealed. Independant, dark, not evil. Grims and Heritage.

Fallen by Lessthanlucid **
Harry has picked up a bad habit in order to deal with his godfathers death. This leads to a situation that no one could have imagined and a rescuer is even more unexpected. While he deals with this he has started walking a path no one could have predicted. Sacrifices will have to be made the only question is will he be able to make them? Friends and foes alike will notice the change but who will stand with him in the end? Harry/Bill, Draco/Charlie

Harry is Son of Power, High Lord of Zenth Mage, Heir of Shao LinWudanParaohRomeMongolian Emperor, and Super Warrior. He plays Voldemort, Dumbledore, fool ministery as his pawns. He will have relationships with girls. HP/Many

It's just the way of blood by Thanatos Nemesis **
Harry always knew he wasn't normal, but on his eleventh birthday he receives the long forgotten gift of his family. Forbidden from entering Hogwarts, he and his cousin Rosaline learn on their own... HP/DM
WIP. PG-13 

Harry escapes Private Drive and goes off to learn about the world on his own. Hunted by all sides of the war, he must rely on his wit and cunning to survive.

The Rise of the Gray Lord by TheDarkestAngel16 **
Harry prepares for the future after the events of his Fifth year. With the help of Dumbledore he begins training himself in both light and dark magic.

The Sacrifice Arc by Lightning on the Wave **

  1. Saving Connor: Harry's twin Connor is the Boy Who Lived, and Harry is devoted to protecting him by making himself look ordinary. But certain people won't let Harry stay in the shadows. Complete
  2. No Mouth But Some Serpent's: Harry goes back to Hogwarts, determined to protect his brother Connor, the BoyWhoLived, and stay in the shadows. But last year two people learned the truth about Harry... and this year, two more will. Complete
  3. Comes Out Of Darkness Morn: Harry struggles to rebuild himself after the shattering events of his second year. He will finally learn the truths he needs to know...but they're hardly going to be pleasant ones. Complete
  4. Freedom And Not Peace: Training his brother, negotiating with former Death Eaters, juggling responsibility and duty...Harry's life is running away with him, as he struggles to balance. Complete
  5. Wind That Shakes The Seas And Stars: Snape begins the year with a mistake that sets his ward against him. Now Harry is using all his own considerable cunning to ride out the multiple storms, even as the Second War goes into motion. Complete
  6. A Song In Time Of Revolution: Revolution is never an easy choice—and worse when you’re trying to respect the free will of everyone, wizard and magical creature alike. Prophecy and politics and the Ministry... Harry doesn’t need any more complications. Complete
  7. I Am Also Thy Brother: In the wake of death and disaster, Harry struggles to be everything he is: leader, lover, son, and brother. Yet what will survive the War diminishes every day he does not find and destroy a Horcrux. WIP
    HP/DM  R

When Pansy finds herself on the wrong side of Voldemort, she persuades her parents that only one person could help them.  Harry.  A story that looks at what could happen if Harry had someone who loved him, someone who would push him, and someone who would back him financially. Harry/Pansy
Complete. PG-13


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