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These are links that I think that all Harry Potter fans should know. From LJ communities to Glossaries. For all the writers and readers out there.
A Harry/Draco daily newsletter. Includes links to fics, art, discussion, and everything else that you can possibly think of in relation to the H/D 'ship.

A Harry/Ginny newsletter.

LJ community for Harry/Draco shippers.

LJ community for Snarry shippers.

This is an HP fandom newsletter, updated daily with news on fandom acitivities.

This community hosts smutty Harry Potter het fanfiction and art. All heterosexual pairings and genres are included, and they are rated NC-17 or R!

Most of the stories found here were from this site. If your looking for a story post your request on it and it will probably be found.

This site is designed to be a portal to all the many lists of Harry Potter fanfiction out there, making it easy for people to find good fics to read. It also contains links to good websites to search for fics.

This is pj's fannish place made with the goal to be a sort of public library of (or a gateway to) fanfiction.

A very informative Harry Potter dictionary and encyclopedia. All the information about canon that you ever need to know, such as characters, spells, dates, wizarding history, etc.

This is a community dedicated to essays and discussions all all aspects of the phenomenon Harry Potter.

Livejournal's official Harry Potter slash community.

This community hosts smutty Harry Potter slash and femslash fanfiction and art. All homosexual pairings and genres are included, and they are rated NC-17 or R!

The ultimate resource for a Harry Potter fanfiction writer - learn to improve your writing through workshops, challenges, and entertaining articles - meet other writers, read fan fiction, and have yours published!

No clue what "chan" or "RPG" or "BDSM" is? Go here to get all your fandom questions answered!

This is a very thorough list of stories that we have all read and authors that we all no. Everyone has probably read a story by one of these authors.

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