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What Is Accepted:
>Stories that are dark and twisted
>Stories that horrified you so much that you dreamt about it
>Stories where character develops Stockholm Syndrome
>Stories that let's your imangination run free with what is implied

What Is Not Accepted:
Fluffy stories
>Badly written stories

If you would like to rec a story please either e-mail me or post to my livejournal. In those post/e-mails please give a summary, pairings, rating, and whether it's a (WIP, Complete, on Hiatus, Abandoned, or a One-Shot).

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** I'm in shock/horrified
* It just stunned me
NR Didn't read it
New Just added

Proceed With Caution

A Bed Made for One by Sarea Okelani
And in the darkness bind them...DM/GW
One-Shot. PG-13

A tragedy at the end of Harry's seventh year makes him redefine his perception of reality. HP/Various
Complete. NC-17

Abyss by Lunalelle
Hermione has been rejected by the Order and begins to sneak around. She acquires an odd familiar that becomes a man by night. Kidnapping, betrayal, and unsaid words. HG/LV
Abandoned. R

And Just Plain Wrong by Amanuensis **
Voldemort has won, and Hogwarts is the Death Eaters' twisted playground. HP/DM, HP/LM, SS/HP/LV
One-Shot. NC-17

As Sharp as Sunlight, by Amaneusis
Voldemort has won the war. Harry, Sirius, Remus (any other good guys you want) got captured. Instead of killing them Voldi turns them into hermaphrodites, binds their power (slave bracelets anyone?)and gives them to his loyal followers (Lucius, Severus) as sex slaves, concubines, what ever, to give birth to more wizards.
One-Shot. NC-17

Ashes by Lazy_neutrino
Sixteen years ago, Lily Potter made the wrong choice. Is there such a thing as a second chance? About as AU as it gets.
One-Shot. PG-13

Beneath the Silk by ArchArtistWriter
Professor Snape abused as a child by the most admired figure in the wizarding world. Remus Lupin fascinated by the man and wanting to dig beneath the surface. At least, those were his original intentions. HP/SS
Complete. R

Our favorite Dark Lord gets his hands on Harry over the summer holidays. He plans to use Harry for nefarious purposes, but before that can happen, Harry must be 'conditioned'. Voldemort enlists his top-ranking Death Eaters to do the job... guess who's one.
Abandoned. PG-13

Blood Will Tell by Halrloprillalar *
Lucius has Sirius. Sirius has information.
One-Shot. R

Burn, Baby, Burn! by Dark-Syaoran
Harry Potter loves to watch things burn. A series of oneshot ficlets. [Pyromaniac Harry] [2007 DLP Best AntiHero Award Winner]
Complete. R

But Not Forgotten by Hijja **
Harry finally masters Legilimency, and ends up wishing he hadn't. HP/SS
Complete. NC-17

Captivity by Nokomis
For four months, Draco had been held captive. Now all he wanted was a glimpse out the window. DM/GW
One-Shot. PG-13

Catechism by Dreamfall
AU The Dursleys taught Harry to fear and hate magic and all things magical- including himself. Now how long will it take the wizarding world see the damage done? And can they ever hope to fix it? Disturbing. WIP

Ceverness Before Common Sense by Pogrebin
We are all betrayed by our own bodies, and Cho is dead on the outside slow-breathing unliving a giant doll but her heart pushes blood in circles around her body and her muscles propel her forward, forward, into the endless spin of days. LL/CC
Complete. R

Dark Side of Light by Maya
Maya's attempt at dialogue-only. Post-war, Draco-in-Azkaban, very dark, may be bad for your mental health.
Complete. R (If anyone has a link can you please e-mail me it.)

Defiance by TeaWithVoldy
Dwell into the mind of a evil-power-hungry-little-toad-like-witch called Umbridge. See what she thinks about, while she sits, surpervising detention and staring silently at her enemy.

Diamond Dogs by Jane St. Claire
Come out of the garden, baby / You'll catch your death in the fog. DM/BL
One-Shot. NC-17

Your basic Harry-throws-himself-off-the-Astronomy-Tower-and-Draco-interferes-fic, with an ugly twist... HP/DM
One-Shot. PG-13

Evil Be Thou My Good by Ruskbyte (Here) **
Nine years ago Vernon Dursley bought an ancient puzzle box. His nephew managed to open it. The entire Dursley family suffered the consequences. Now, in the midst of Voldemort's second reign of terror, Harry Potter is convinced the only way to defeat the Dark Lord; is to call upon an even greater evil. This decided, Harry begins his plans to recreate the Lament Configuration... and to open it... again. HP/HG
Complete. R

After being kidnapped from St. Mungo's hospital and subjected to torture at the hands of Death Eaters, Gilderoy Lockhart is rescued by two unlikely strangers. But this isn't the end of the story. In fact, it is only the beginning for Gilderoy as he finds himself in midst of a wizarding war that he knew nothing about and among people unlike any he can remember. Eventual slash. Please read all warnings.
Abandoned. R

Giving Notice by Quoth the Raven
When a sudden and shocking death rocks the wizarding community to its very core, the wounds are not only deep, but surprisingly widespread...
Abandoned. R

In The Closet by Michi M. Chu **
Ron needs to see a psychiatrist, Ginny's paranoid, and Harry’s in denial… HP/GW, HP/DM
One-Shot. R

Invictus by Chthonia
Lucius abducts Hermione. Slytherin versus Gryffindor - Pureblood versus Muggleborn - the old order versus the new. Two opposites, one room, no way out... no holds barred. HG/LM

Life Is A Game Of Chess by MysteryWalker
Life is like a game of chess, Albus Dumbledore always thought. Now one of his pawns refuses to play. (OotP spoilers)
One-Shot. PG-13

Long Strips of Metal by xXxILovePainxXx NR
Harry can't carry the babies anymore. They're so painful, too much of a reminder of the man he loves most. Can he bear to terminate? Implied HP/DM MPREG
Complete. PG

Millstone by Dzeytoun
Ever wondered what goes on in Albus Dumbledore's mind? Here is a look at his thoughts during a particularly tense part of Harry's fifth year.
Complete. PG-13

My Father by Fabio B. Barbieri
There are people who seriously believe that the kind of betrayal shown in this story could not happen. It not only can, it does.
One-Shot. PG

One Honest Heart by Andreas **
A Dementor has gone missing from Azkaban. Or, at least, so a remarkably eloquent inmate claims. The other Dementors are afraid - 'they fear that something worse will happen next' - and the madness is spreading.``Meanwhile, there are cold whispers stalking Lucius Malfoy through the dark corridors of Malfoy Manor. A nagging conscience not quite his own. (crime/thriller, Harry/Draco) -- "That was when the news broke about the other story, the one I would eventually be the only one left to cover. The only one left alive."
Abandoned. R

Oubliette by ThePearl
Some things are meant to be forgotten. But new students never know that.
One-Shot. PG-13

Out of the Blue and Into the Black by Victoria P.
Out of the blue and into the black / They give you this, but you pay for that.
One-Shot. PG

Possession by Ayla Pascal
When Hermione Granger escapes to Prague, the only European country untainted by Voldemort, she believes that she is safe. Not so. Lucius Malfoy hunts her down for he has finally found a Mudblood toy worthy of his attentions. LM/HG
Complete. R

Snape/Sirius PostWar!Fic by Pogrebin *
the Muggles win. snapping wands & bloodties
Drabble. PG-13

Spider's Kiss by Lunalelle **
She should have read about the plague of locusts and flies and inexplicable deaths of the first born sons of every witch and wizard who had brought her to this. Instead, she had this view from her window. LV/DU
One-Shot. NC-17. Password required

Stop All The Clocks by Lazy_neutrino **
I thought that love would last forever: 'I was wrong.'
One-Shot. PG-13

Surprise by Xandria *
When forced into a sexual encounter, Lucius and Harry discuss the plausibility of an intimate relationship between them. HP/LM
One-Shot. R

The Art of War by Hija *
Wizard's chess in the Slytherin dungeons. Ron and Draco, both with an axe to grind. High stakes, dubious rules and psychological warfare. Painful consequences and strange encounters. If you've ever wondered whether it is a good idea to play games with Slytherins, this is the answer.
One-Shot. PG-13

When Andromeda Tonks demands that her daughter should bear a ridiculous name, there is a row. Her husband will not hear of it. But Andromeda has a very good reason to want that name and none other - a reason as strong as a broken heart, and a good person whose very memory has been destroyed...
One-Shot. PG-13

The Last Mudblood by Furiosity
The war is over, and Voldemort has won. Harry Potter is dead. Neville Longbottom is a Death Eater, and together with Draco Malfoy they lead a manhunt for Hermione Granger, the last Muggle-born witch. It's really that simple. Or is it?
Complete. R

As an initiated Death Eater, Percy Weasley faces the challenge of performing the Killing Curse for the first time in front of Lord Voldemort. Through months of practice he hones his technique, but when the time comes for him to make the kill, it is his character that is truly put to the test.
One-Shot. R

The Silver Trio by Seta Kaede
Belittled, neglected, and abused; the golden trio have grown up differently and are now Slytherins, the Silver Trio. Dark, but not evil.
Abandoned. R

The Truth About Harry by Ivy Blossom co-Written with Hanacandi *
Ginny Weasley has a secret; she can't see Harry Potter anymore. Can you?
One-Shot. PG-13

The Unforgivable Pit by CatsEye
Harry has been kidnapped by Lucius Malfoy and is determined not to let the Malfoys break him...Everything is not always as it seems.
(If anyone has a link can you please e-mail me it.)

The Witness for the Defense by After the Rain
Five years after the fall of Lord Voldemort, all of his old followers have been rounded up and killed or sentenced to life in Azkaban. All except one, who was found on a cold winter night with his throat torn out by a werewolf. Severus Snape is called before the Wizengamot to give testimony that may free his most despised colleague -- or send him to Azkaban for life.
One-Shot. PG-13

After a sixth year prank, Dumbledore is determined to watch Snape for any ill effects. For all his apparent wisdom, however, not even he could have foreseen the extent of those effects. Major spoilers for PoA, minor for OotP, and now HBP compliant.

To Play Dress Up by La Fee Verte **
As children we play Dress Up to turn ourselves into fairies, princesses, cowboys and a whole host of things to pretend that we are something that we are not. It?s a simple way to provide an escape from reality. And as we grow older that ability never quite leaves us, the want to pretend. Bellatrix plays Dress Up. She pretends to be another woman from a different time and a different age, to be the other woman who has the very thing that Bellatrix desires the most.
One-Shot.  PG-13

Unsticking The Shadow by Pogrebin *
"are you a muggleborn?" choosing sides. hermione.
Complete. R

We'll Always Have Stockholm by GMTH
A Dictionary Challenge Drabble (500 words): The theme word is "ameliorate," meaning "to make better or more tolerable."  HP/LM
One-Shot. R

Your Every Wish by Maya **
Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. HP/DM
One-Shot. R (If anyone has a link can you please e-mail me it.)

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