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What Is Accepted:
>Crossovers where Harry or another canon character is paired with someone of that  series. Ex. Harry/Xander or Hermione/Willow
>Crossovers where Harry is paired up with a canon character but another canon character is paired up with someone from the crossover series . Ex. Harry/Lucius and Draco/Spike

What Is Not Accepted:
>Crossovers that aren't slash
>Badly written stories

If you would like to rec a story please either e-mail me or post to my livejournal. In those post/e-mails please give a summary, pairings, rating, and whether it's a (WIP, Complete, on Hiatus, Abandoned, or a One-Shot).

Before I update the site I will post the updates on my Livejournal. You can add me to your friends if you like.

** I really like it
* It's ok
NR Didn't read it
New Just added

A New Life by Star55
Harry moves to Kansas, Smallville to start a new life, and ends up with a new love and a new family. Harry/Clark
Smallville. WIP. NC-17

A New Life in San Francisco by Phoenix Catcher
Harry leaves his world after losing everything and settles for a not so muggle life in San Francisco and befriends the Charmed Ones and their family. Harry/Chris
Charmed. WIP. PG-13

A Pirates Life For Me by Skye-Chan 12
After the Solitude Harry was sentenced to Harry had given up hope, however thanks to the Voodoo Witch Tia, Harry is now sailing the Caribbean with Jack Sparrow. Harry/Jack Sparrow

Articulation by Allyndra **
A carpenter and a wizard walk into a bar. Two men bond over past relationships and start a new one. Harry/Xander
BtVS. Complete. R

Bertram's Favor by lisa roquin
Methos meets an interesting young man trying to avoid a headhunter. Harry/Methos
Highlander. One-Shot. PG-13

Beyond the Point of No Return by Richan MMIII (Here) *
Harry finds himself in a strange land with some even stranger people. But he finds a familiar face among them. HP/SB, Harry/Legolas, Harry/Legolas/Sirius
LoTR. Complete. R

Harry Potter could find trouble in paradise and when Draco sends him to St Louis for a holiday it's not paradise and there's lots of trouble. With dark magic, vampires, lycanthropes and more, who else could sort it out but Anita Blake? HP/DM
Anita Blake. Complete. NC-17

Charmed Harry by LeoZodiac (Here) *
Harry was thrown in Azkaban innocent. After he defeats Voldemort one of his friends hides him. He meets and falls in love with a charmed one/'s child, then the wizarding world calls charmed line for help? Wyatt/Harry
Charmed. Complete. R

Cupboards and Cages by Mrs Dr Spencer Reid NR
Betrayed, Harry leaves after OotP. After the death of Dumbledore, Harry reluctently returns home. Only to be sent back out in search of the Horcuxes, a search that leads him right to Sunnydale. HP/Angel; Spuffy
BtVS. WIP. PG-13.

Dark Summoner by Mage-Alia NR
An accidental wish on a certain mirror sends Harry tumbling into the world of Spira where his skills as a Summoner will be put to the ultimate test, but he won’t be alone. Accompanied by Tidus, the misplaced hero, Auron, the moody monk with a past, Rikku, a happy go lucky new friend and Oa’ka, the merchant turned wizard, Harry will need to conquer the challenges that lay in his path as he seeks out the truth of Spira’s Spiral of Death. Harry/Tidus

Don't Fear The Reaper by She Who Cannot Be Turned NR
Harry defeated Voldemort at a cost. He eventually ends up in
America, where, eight years after the defeat, he meets two brothers who fight the supernatural…. He certainly isn’t the one they are set to save either. 
Supernatural. WIP. R

Double or Nothing by Calico NR
Exploration of social boundaries. Through porn."Where Cal does something very new with Lance Bass." Weasley Twins/Lance Bass
Pop. One-Shot. R

Dreams by Kirallie (Here) **
What happens when a ninja and a wizard meet in their dreams? Are they really dreams or something else? Harry/Itachi
Naruto. WIP. PG-13

Dual Worlds by Betsanne (Here) **
Daniel has always wanted to be an archeologist right? Wrong! Daniel is keeping a secret from his friends that none of the SG-1 know about. What will they do when they find out that Daniel is really someone by the name of Harry Potter? What is so mysterious about him and why is he hiding? Daniel realizes that he needs to go back to the world that he had left behind. Is Voldemort really alive...again? HP/SS
Stargate: SG1. WIP. R

Emerald Twilight by Bittersweet Alias NR
Non-Magic, AU. Harry decides to leave his smothering but loving mother and live with his father in Forks, Washington. Harry believes the beautiful green town is boring, but when he meets Edward Cullen, Harry realises that there is no such thing as boring. Especially, when he meets a nomad vampire named Tom Riddle Jr. who becomes obsessed with making him his mate. HP/EC
Twilight. WIP. PG-13.

Harry has another floo accident but this time it takes him farther than Knockturn Alley... much farther. Harry/Xander
BtVS. Abandoned. R

Harry Potter and the Host Club by Stalker of Stories NR
Voldemort is dead, Dumbles is a bastard, and as cliches go, Harry goes to muggle school... in Japan. Watch as Harry interacts with the host club, avoids Sirius, and is a total idiot, because we all know he is. SLASH. HP/Mori
Ouran Host Club. Complete. PG

Harry, Bran and Ireth continue on with their growth and training in the bid to defeat Voldemort.Will they succed? HP/OMC
LoTR. WIP. PG-13

To free his world from the torment of Voldemort, Harry must leave. After a brief talk with some higher beings, he is sent to Middle-Earth. Harry/Legolas

Just Another Perfect Soldier by Sparkley-Tangerine **
The summer after Harry's 6th Year, Voldemort kidnaps him, letting insane Doctor J turn him into the perfect weapon. Escaping, Harry needs protection and a comrade who knows how it feels to be considered a 'perfect soldier'. Harry/Heero
Gundam Wing. WIP. PG-13

Love of My Life by Jaymeaaron
Six years after the final battle, Hermione and Harry are living in San Francisco. Harry falls in love with Wyatt Halliwell. Harry/Wyatt
Charmed. WIP. R

Love of my Soul by Artemis Luna Diana
Something Albus Dumbledore says leads Harry to believe that if he bonds with his soul mate, then he would have a better chance of defeating Voldemort. He shares this with Hermione and Ron who help him find a soul mate search spell. The three cast the spell late one night, but something goes wrong. After the spell is complete, Hermione and Ron are unconscious, and Harry has vanished. Harry/Legolas
LoTR. Abandoned. R

The Hearts of Love by Touch of The Wind
Draco Malfoy is a triplet, however his siblings are caught in the Charmed web when not at Hogwarts. Harry/Wyatt, Chris/Hermione
Charmed. WIP. PG-13

JC takes a vacation. Bill/JC
Pop. One-Shot. R

The Midnight Hour by Branwen777 *
Harry flees England after the wizarding world turns on him, and goes to Forks to try to start a new life as a normal muggle teenager, but after he meets the Cullens all his dreams for a normal life get blown away. HP/EC

Moon Shadows by Lessthanlucid **
Harry stumbles across a new side of life and magic, completely by accident of course. Harry/Richard
Anita Blake. WIP. PG-13

More Than Useless by Unwritten.25 **
Harry Potter is catapulted to the Feudal Era after the Final Battle, and after hundreds of years spent there he meets up with Inuyasha and the gang. HP/Sesshoumaru.
Inuyasha. WIP. PG-13

My December by SilverBlaze8
Harry is frozen unable to deal with Sirius's death and his part in leading him to his death. Harry/Methos
Highlander. One-Shot. PG-13

Reaching for the Red Moon by Llawela Dragon NR
When Wyatt Halliwell has a very disturbing vision of the death of Harry Potter, his family decides to take action, and moves across the atlantic to Hogwarts. There are some things that Wyatt left out of his recount, however, and things are being put into motion now that the Halliwells have arrived. What follows is the tale of two boys and their friendship that becomes more, all leading up to the final battle with the creature that would not be stopped. Harry/Wyatt
Charmed. Abandoned. R

Same problem, Different faces by SolitaryPoison NR
Voldemort is dead, but the past lingers in Harry's mind and he finds it hard to let go. A new world, a new war and revelations of a time he no longer remembers. Life always seems to get harder. But someone might finally get through. Harry/Legolas

The Savior and the Scourge by Random Dispatcher
Spike comes to Hogwarts to protect the Malfoy heir. He becomes fascinated with the angsty Harry Potter and the wonderful scent the teen exudes. What happens when the Scourge of Europe knocks up the Savior of the Wizarding World? Spike/Harry
BtVS. Complete. R

Shadow of a Doubt by Capella NR
A crossover between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Centered around Harry, Ron, and Legolas, and what happens one Christmas to send Harry into Middle Earth and the arms of an elf. Harry/Legolas
LoTR. Complete. PG-13.
Sequel: Black Eyes

The Sign of the Snake by Ethrosdemon NR
Pop. One-Shot. R

Since When Are There Two Potters? by Kirallie ** (Here)
What happens when a certain Wizard finds an unexpected bundle on his doorstep? A shinobi raised as a wizard instead? Harry/Kakashi
Naruto. WIP. PG-13

Xander accepts the invitation to spend part of the summer at Hogwarts after Faith and Bill's wedding. Harry Potter answers his cousin's demands for a visit and returns with 3 children. Jesse, Ares, Dursleys and Dobby plot. Poor Severus doesn't have a chance in Hades at a quiet summer. Harry/Xander
BtVS. Complete. PG-13

Stranded by HarbringerLady **
Harry Potter is transported to the shinobi world in the aftermath of the final battle with Voldemort.
Naruto. WIP. PG-13

Surrey Trouble by Kirallie (Here) **
The Gundam pilots move to a new safe house in a quiet English suburb and meet a local boy. But there's is something wrong and Duo and Quatre are determined to find out what. Harry/Wufei
Gundam Wing. WIP. R

When Worlds Collide by Chrissy Sky *
The boys notice they have a 'connection,' zero system explodes and they're magically transported to Hogwarts. Because the Zero has a strange sense of humor too. Harry/Duo, Heero/Severus, Quatre/Trowa, Remus/Sirius,Wufei/Treize, Hermione/Ron
Gundam Wing. WIP. R

Wicca meets Hogwarts by Gemlou137
Harry left the Wizarding World and went to America where, over time, he fell in love with Wyatt Halliwell. After becoming a permantent fixture in the family they are all somehow drawn back to Hogwarts where both the wierd and wonderful happen. Harry/Wyatt
Charmed. WIP. R

Xander Goes To Hogwarts by HPNewbie (Here) **
A demonic attack reveals things about Xander that will change his world forever. Harry/Lucius, Xander/Angel & Draco/Spike
BtVS. Complete. R


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