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What Is Accepted:
>Stories where Harry is adopted by the Flamels
>Stories where Harry trained by the Flamels
>Stories where Harry is  Flamels apprentice
Stories where Harry is taught by the Flamels
>Stories where Harry and the Flamels share a strong bond ie. mentor

What Is Not Accepted:
>Stories where the Flamels are mentioned in passing
>Stories where after the Philosopher’s Stone the Flamels aren't mentioned at all 

If you would like to rec a story please either e-mail me or post to my livejournal. In those post/e-mails please give a summary, pairings, rating, and whether it's a (WIP, Complete, on Hiatus, Abandoned, or a One-Shot).

Before I update the site I will post the updates on my Livejournal. You can add me to your friends if you like.

** I really like it
* It's ok
NR Didn't read it
New Just added

A New Beginning by Tapsyhapsy NR
Harry is brought to a very old family friend the summer he started primary school. Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle teach him magic and many things about magic. He meets their great.granddaughter, Hermione and they study together.
Abandoned. PG

Alchemical Reactions by Mirror Behind the Wall
Left on the Dursleys' doorstep, Harry is kidnapped by Moody and taken to a better home. However, misfortune follows him wherever he goes and he is soon at an orphanage, ostracized and alone...that is, until he's adopted by Nicholas Flamel.
WIP. PG-13

Back to the Future by Narcissa1 **
He has the power to change the past, the knowledge to change the future, the time to save the present but does he also have the heart to change everything he has ever known, to risk too push the world into a chaos greater then the dark ages before Camelot. HP/BB
WIP. PG-13

Echoes of Power, Part I: Anger by Moshpitstories NR
Harry mysteriously disappeared at the age of 6, and then benefited from years of tutoring from an old family friend. With the return of Voldemort, it is finally time for a 15 year old, welltrained and somewhat cynical and sarcastic Harry to take up his p

Harry Potter & The New Life by SilverAegis **
After the war ended, Harry who is in his 7th year is accidentally transported into a AU where Neville is TBWL & where Harry is a normal boy. How will a Shadow Mage Harry get accustom to his New Life? HPGW or HPOC

Harry finds his mother's ancestry hidden from him, who discovers it before his 16th birthday. Finding help in odd places he takes control of his life, loses his prejudice against dark magic, and uses politics to his advantage.
WIP. PG-13

Harry finds that Dumbledore has been less than honest or helpful with him, takes control of his own life and finds the training he needs from others. HP/HG, NL/LL
Complete. PG-13

Harry Potter My Way by DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan
AU. Harry goes to Hogwarts, ends up in Slytherin. but what if Harry finds out about Dumbledores minipulations? leaving he become's Flamel's apprentice.
WIP. PG-13

Hiding by Volans NR
Harry tired of having things hidden from him and being manipulated decides to run away. Ginny helps. HPGW
Complete. PG-13

Learn from the History by Niger Aquila **
Harry accidentally traveled back in time, but lost his memory during the process. There he had some strange dreams about a lonely boy called Tom Riddle. What happens when the future enemies meet?
Complete. PG-13
Sequel: Friend or Foe

Reign O'er Me by Cts NR
A sixth year fic that explores what might happen if Harry moves past the angst and starts to put his life together and has a few things break his way for a change.

Unspeakable Truths Vol 1: The Truth is Out There by Fudi NR
After the events of his 5th year Harry is approached by the a seperate faction in the war and given a choice, allow Dumbledore to continue manipulating his life, or become an Unspeakable Operative.
Complete. PG-13

  1. Where In The World Is Harry Potter?: Harry Potter fulfilled the prophecy and has since disappeared. Or has he? Tonks and Hermione are the lead Order members continuously hoping to track him down. The question is: can they keep up with him? Complete
  2. The Untitled Cheekquel Project: Now that Harry has been found, he's going to teach DADA at Hogwarts again for the first time. Will he change and grow as a person? Will he find love? Enh... doubtful. Complete
  3. You Did What!: No one is safe when Harry happens. Not the living relatives, not the dead ones. No one. Complete

Wyckham Academy by Kneazle *
Harry attends Wyckham Academy instead of Hogwarts. New friends, new magic, new outlooks. With Harry at a different school, can he escape his destiny as the BoyWhoLived? Can he still defeat Voldemort if he isn't at Hogwarts?
WIP. PG-13

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